There’s an app for that…

15 Jul

This is something that popped into my mind yesterday while driving around Calgary.

Tell me, how many times you’ve been in this situation, say on a road trip or even in your own city, where you just want to know where the nearest Tim Horton’s is (replace with Starbucks if you prefer specialty coffee or don’t live in Canada) so you can get your caffeine fix and continue on your way.  I would venture to say that we’ve all been there at least once.  It can be a frustrating ordeal when we have to leave our normal environment.

An iPhone app from Tim Horton’s could solve this problem.  Instead of spelunking around in Google Maps, all you have to is tap the Tim Horton’s icon.  Directions will appear on screen to guide you from your current location to the restaurant.

Now that solves our problem but, it’s kind of simplistic.  Not really worth the hassle if you’ve already got Google maps.

So let’s crank things up a notch: what if you could order your Extra-Frappo-Mocha-no-fat-a-chino w/ Hazelnut from your handheld.  When you arrive at the store it would be ready and waiting.  Also, if you’re ordering from your iPhone, you don’t have to fumble around for change because the app could be tied to your account or credit card.  All you have to do is show the cashier your iPhone.  It’s that easy.  You’ll be back on the road in no time.

Edit:  Erm, apparently Tim Horton’s is one step ahead of me.  There’s a reason they’re one of the top brands in Canada!  Check out TimmyMe for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Now we just need the mobile-enabled ordering to make this app truly extraordinary.  An Extra Large Double Double and a Toasted Blueberry Bagel (plain cream cheese) to go please!

Starbucks has a similar app and one that lets you use your phone to pay in select locations.  Now they need to roll it out across the continent and put the two apps together and they could put a dent in those morning line-ups.


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