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Transfer to Blogger

9 Aug

Working on transferring this page to Blogger for two reasons:

1. Flexibility. If you’re not self-hosted, wordpress is fairly limiting (can’t even touch the template). Blogger has more options in this regard.

2. Learning. A large part of my starting a blog was to play with and become comfortable with social media. It just makes sense that I should try Google’s platform as well.

If I can (remember, wordpress isn’t overly flexible) I’ll set up a redirect to the new page when it’s done. If not, there will be a big fat link. ūüôā

Also. If you’ve made this transfer before, let me know how it went in the comments. I’m looking for a way to import the old posts but it seems most people go the other way (because they move to self-hosting) so if you have a WordPress –>; Blogger solution I’m dying to know.

Update: okay, it’s been awhile, but now I’m at


Holding & Customer Service

6 Aug

Sorry for missing Wednesday’s post (informal schedule is new posts on M/W/F in case you haven’t noticed) —¬† It’s been a crazy week (moving, kitchen reno, painters, interviews)

@lonnietaylor on Twitter agrees.

We all hate when big companies put us on hold.¬† We think “If they’re so big, can’t they afford a couple extra operators?”¬† The worst is when they have the gall to include the “your call is valued” recording – how disingenuous.¬† The problem seems to be unavoidable; no matter what you do, sometimes customers will have to hold.

Part of the problem is that hold messages lack originality.¬† They’re all boring and mundane.¬† Most use the exact same scripted recording.¬† Yet how often do marketing professors have to tell their students “Every touchpoint with your customer is invaluable” for the learning to sink in.¬† Remember, you’re only as strong as your weakest link and a convoy can only move as fast as the slowest ship.¬† Use hold-time as an opportunity to tell your customer’s a little more about your company.¬† Retaining and growing customers is just as much a marketing function as attracting them.

If you’re a funky, cool tech start-up, you should have a cool holding message.¬† The same holds if you run a hip and happening – I don’t know – handbag store.

Even the so-called “stodgy” corporations can stand out in this way.¬† Just because you run an insurance company doesn’t mean you have to be dull and boring.¬† Look at Aflac and Geico.

What about hygiene products?¬† Say…Old Spice?¬† If I call 866-348-7798 Isaiah Mustafa should tell me something random while I’m on hold (he doesn’t, I tried).

Every point of contact with your customers is a chance to tell them about your brand.¬† It’s like going on a date — how often do people compare marketing to dating ? I’m going to do it anyway because it’s accurate but as an industry we need a new analogy — clean, wrinkle-free clothes, combed hair, clean car, manners, body language, etc.¬† In everything you do, your date is picking up clues because actions say more than words alone.¬† Don’t *say* you care about your customers.¬† Prove it.

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This

24 Jul

I found an advertising book I’ve been looking for forever! I had to go to four different stores to find it in Calgary. ¬† Two claimed to have it and did not. ¬†Suffice to say, I’m extremely pleased to have finally ¬†located this book – it’s highly rated by the blogging and marketing community. ¬†The book is, of course, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan.

Also #extraM launches on Sunday. ¬†If you haven’t heard about it, save the tag – this will be a new hashtag discussion on Twitter about marketing. ¬†Topics are announced every Sunday and last a week, so you have plenty of time to get in on the conversation. ¬†We look forward to your input – it should lead to some interesting insights and networking connections – see you there!

Think Marketing, NOT Advertising

27 Jun



25 Jun

Migrating to the most popular blogging tool in the world!

Tried iWeb: fantastic personal service, limited options.¬† Evolution is in full swing.¬† It’s WordPress time!

Pro Tip#1: Always recognize your roots.

Update!¬† OK, had to make some compromises.¬† Can’t believe basic functionality like CSS editing is behind a paywall but I’ll make do.
Freemium is a great way to build a user base, but inevitably leads to user frustration.  Might write a post to elaborate at some point.

Update2: link is down now, sorry folks.


Hello world!

25 Jun

A modern classic! Can’t blog without one.