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To Infinity…and Beyond! #toystory3

25 Jun

#toystory is back.Cliche title, I know, but sometimes you just have to.

#toystory3, the first ever promoted trend on Twitter is still going strong, allowing thousands (more like millions?) of fans to chime in with their thoughts. How long will it stay up?

This is a fantastic use of new mediums to allow for increased consumer engagement. Everybody wants their chance in the limelight, and with #toystory3 they get to share their opinion (in 140 characters or less) in front of the world.

Following in Disney/Pixar’s footsteps, Coca Cola garnered 86 MILLION impressions for their purchase after the USA/England game. At a rumored price of “tens of thousands of dollars” (source: mashable) this is an incredible return on investment.

Even if the price does go up, this is a huge chance for marketers to reach and interact with their fans where they hang out.  Even with the considerable buzz this is getting, it probably deserves more.

Better than Facebook Pages

This is bigger than any advertising solutions currently available on Facebook. It allows for true and honest expression. Yes you get some bad, but the authenticity of the positive reactions gives them stopping power.  Somebody tweeting that Toy Story 3 left them in tears holds the same kind of weight as a recommendation from a friend.  Furthermore, with only 10 trending topics, the promoted trend has next to nothing in the form of clutter to break through.  The situation elsewhere is quite different.  Twitter could easily drive up the price for this kind of exclusivity. In essence, what Twitter is providing in their promoted trends is a packaged product that encapsulates the revolution social networking and the Internet have had on communication over the past five years.

Customer Acceptance

Of course the big question will be whether customer’s accept this new type of trend. So far, the majority seem to be embracing it, with plenty of tweets and happy customers.  (of course this is easier when the product is good)  This will be key for Twitter moving forward.  Companies will pay to engage with an eager audience, an apathetic one isn’t worth nearly as much.